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4013111 One Shot Lotion Hand Soap with Moisturizers Refill 800ml Bottle, 4/case
Rich, luxurious hand soap with special moisturizing ingredients, including Glycerin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to help soothe and soften skin. Produces a thick, rich lather and has a fresh floral scent. Tropical floral fragrance. Pearlized teal color.
$52.46 /CASE
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SER6F Serene Elements Facial Bar Soap, 0.75 oz., 600/case
This amenity collection boasts a smart blend of modern style and affordability. Appealing to men and women of all ages. Refreshing, soothing and gentle formulations. Gentle, refreshing and soothing formulation. Hydrating soap leaves skin clean and soft. Cruelty free – never tested on animals
$86.23 /CASE
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F-SHAM0971 NOURISH Green Tea Shampoo Tube, .75oz., 200/case
Gentle enough for daily use, this mild shampoo infused with green tea that cleanses and hydrates, delivering deep penetrating moisturization, body and shine. .
$65.42 /CASE
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The KIMCARE Continuous Air Freshener system is the sensible way to keep your restrooms smelling fresh. There are no batteries to replace, its completely self-powered and it provides continuous air freshening in your restroom 24 hours, 7 days a week. Each cartridge last for 60 days. Intended for a 20x30 foot room with 10 foot ceilings.
$3.71 /EACH
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05144 White Swan 2 Ply Toilet Tissue.jpg
05144 White Swan 2 Ply Toilet Tissue, 48/Case
Introducing our Quilted Embossing Pattern to White Swan® Bathroom Tissue – the brand of choice for classic performance and quality. Now each roll of White Swan Bathroom Tissue is softer and thicker with our Quilted Embossing pattern, for that at-home look and feel. We’ve even rolled out additional cost savings so you can enjoy more of that White Swan quality for less. Made with 100% recycled fibre and over 88% post-consumer content. EcoLogo and Forest Stewardship Council® certifications provide the assurance that each roll meets stringent standards of environmental leadership. 429 Sheets per roll. Core Diameter: 1.6". Overwrap: Paper
$34.85 /CASE
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09759 Mini-Titan Mechanical Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser, Black/Smoke Grey
Part of the Ultimate Washroom™ portfolio. Smallest dispenser footprint, holds the longest roll towel on the market, 01969 White Swan® ULRT® 1,200 foot roll towel. When used with the 01969 ULRT® roll towel your results are fewer run-outs and less roll replacements. 9 inch paper setting allows for controlled dispenser
$18.66 /EACH
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9502085 KC124CP Combo.png
9502085 KC124CP 12oz. Dessert Cups with 4oz. Cup Inserts & Lids, Combo Pack, 500/case
This ultra convenient packaging is the perfect solution to keep foods from mixing so they are kept fresh for your customers until they are ready to enjoy them. The insert fits right inside the cup, and the lid tightly seals the whole package to easily be carried away. Crystal clear and made from PET (plastic). Fabri-Kal® Cups and Inserts combo packs make it easy to create the perfect multi-ingredient grab-and-go package. Yogurt and granola parfaits and veggies and dips are just two of the many options to use this innovative plastic container. Designed to maximize space in your back of house operation by offering three components in one pack. Easy to create grab & go food combos - just pack and insert! Consumer-friendly with handy removal notch. Attractive and eye-catching - great food presentation. Suitable for heat sealing. (500 Cups/500 Flat No Slot Lids/500 4 oz Cup Inserts)
$118.58 /CASE
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Solo 378W-2050 White 8 oz. Single Poly Paper Hot Cup, 1000/case
Whether you're serving coffee, tea or cocoa, this Solo lined 8 oz. white paper hot cup is easy to warm up to. Made of standard white, high performance single-poly paper, your customers will enjoy taking their coffee to go! Sold 1000 per case.
$84.52 /CASE
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Novelis Tuxedo Entree Containers
34155APTDB TUXEDO Small Entrée Aluminum Container and Dome Lid Combo, 23oz, 100/case
Elegant, upscale, smooth wall aluminum containers for HMR prepared meals. Attractive black and gold design. Containers can go from oven to freezer to oven or microwave to table. Container flange style works well with heat sealable film. 100% recyclable. Dome lid. TOP OUT 8-3⁄16” x 6-3⁄16” TOP IN 7-1⁄2” x 5-1⁄2” BOTTOM 7-3⁄16” x 5-3⁄16” SLANT DEPTH 1-1⁄4” VERTICAL DEPTH 1-1⁄4”
$92.90 /CASE
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Round Silver Scalloped Edge Die Cut Cake Board.jpg
Attractive, Reflective Non Embossed. Laminated Solid Pressboard. Thickness .025. European Style Appearance
$29.16 /CASE
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Yhlw08030000 Smartlock MEDIUM 3 COMPARTMENT
Yhlw08030000 Smartlock Foam 3-Compartment Foam Container, 150/case
8'' x 8-1/2'' x 3'' Smartlock Hinged Lid Containers, Medium 3-Compt. Hinged lid foam containers. A smart choice for confidence that your container is securely closed.
$24.39 /CASE
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3030377 Higgins & Burke Green Tea, 120/case
This refreshing infusion is made with pure premium Oregon peppermint, regarded as the best in the world. Bursting with cool menthol, our caffeine-free Peppermint tea provides an invigorating flavour.
$27.33 /CASE
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2652-01 - 20X22 BLACK REGULAR Garbage Bag, Biodegradable, 500/case
Industrial Garbage Bags 2600 Series - EcoLogo Recycled Black. The 2600 Bag Series is an economical recycled resin product. A true indication that "less is more" this product line is certified by the Ecologo program CCD-126 for garbage bags. Contains recycled plastics collected from household blue box programs as well as post industrial-use markets. These bags contain degradable additives designed to disintegrate in the presence of oxygen. .6MIL
$19.15 /CASE
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222200545 moldex earplugs-6604-4-240.jpg
6604 Moldex SparkPlugs Foam Earplugs - Uncorded, 200/box
NRR 33. SparkPlugs ear plugs are made of extra-soft, extra light foam. Their tapered shape fits easily in the ear canal, and seals gently and snugly without pressure. They're so comfortable you'll' forget you're wearing ear plugs. SparkPlugs ear plugs offer a high NRR 33, making them suitable for most noisy environments. So, while they look like fun, they provide serious protection. Random multi-colored swirl make for winning compliance to your hearing protection program. When it comes to comfort and compliance, nobody beats Moldex to the finish line. 100% PVC-Free Extra-soft, low-pressure foam for comfort and fit. Shaped to fit even very small ear canals. Non-irritating smooth surface. 200 Pairs per Box
$26.75 /BOX
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1818BR Easy Breezy Hairnet Honeycomb, 21", Brown, 1,000/case
Easy Breezy™ honeycomb mesh hairnets are ideal in food, healthcare or other industrial applications. Their mesh grid allows for breathability and they feature a non-latex elastic band for comfortable all day wear. Breathable Nylon material for maximum comfort. Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions. 100 Hairnets x 10 Dispensers
$102.20 /CASE
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7580-88 WaveBrake Side Press Combo, 35qt, Yellow
The WaveBrake® mop bucket and wringer system reduces splashing, which means a safer environment, cleaner floors, and improved productivity. Massive capacity for the largest commercial cleaning jobs. Lasts 58 times longer than comparative wringers. Tested to exceed 50,000 wringing cycles, average wringers perform approximately 860 cycles. Premium tubular steel and Structural Web molded plastic. Accepts optional Dirty Water Bucket, 9C74. High efficiency side press wringer.
$118.90 /EACH
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34120 KIMTECH SCIENCE KIMWIPES Delicate Task Wipers, Pop-Up Box, 8,400/case
KIMTECH SCIENCE KIMWIPES Delicate Task Wipers is a light duty wiper that can handle a variety of delicate tasks. Easily wipes up liquid and dust. Anti-stat dispensing reduces lint and electrostatic discharge, controls usage and portability reduces waste. This wiper is made of 100% virgin wood fiber to help prevent contamination. The Industry standard for labs and research. KIMTECH SCIENCE KIMWIPES Delicate Task Wipers are a versatile option for delicate tasks such as laboratory cleaning, surface cleaning, parts cleaning, instrument cleaning, eyeglass lens cleaning and cleaning of computer displays. Absorbs 18% more water than other private label wipers. Absorbs water 24% faster than other private label wipers. Won't scratch delicate surfaces when wet. White, (4.4"x8.4"), 280 wipers/box, 30 boxes per case.
$114.80 /CASE
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frost_326 stainless steel.jpg
Frost 326 – Wall Mounted Waste Receptacle Regular, Stainless Steel
Can be mounted to any wall with mounting bracket provided. Features: Stainless steel construction of waste bin is best suited for high traffic areas. Garbage can is completely removable for convenient maintenance. Comes with standard bag holder apparatus. All stainless welded construction. Capacity: Code 326: 11 gal. (50 litres). 22 gauge.
$146.00 /EACH
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