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8540-01 GOJO® CXT™ Touch Free Counter Mount Dispensing System - Chrome.jpg
8540-01 GOJO CXT Touch Free Counter Mount Soap Dispensing System, Chrome. This new dispensing system offers exceptional durability and high-end design. The sleek, solid metal fixture is the trouble-free solution for such high-traffic, design-forward handwashing environments as casinos, airports, shopping malls, sports and performance venues - wherever reliability, image and high-capacity refills matter most. GOJO® CXT™ Touch Free Counter Mount Dispensing System - Chrome. Durable, solid metal fixture. Submersible, waterproof spout sensor. Drip-free, mess-free operation. Adaptable swivel motor housing design – rotates 360 degrees. Ultra-high capacity refills 2,300 - 3,800 hand washes. Extended battery life - 45,000 uses. 1500 ML & 2300 ML
$55.80 /EACH

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401311 One Shot Lotion Hand Soap with Moisturizers Refill 800ml Bottle, 4/case. Rich, luxurious hand soap with special moisturizing ingredients, including Glycerin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to help soothe and soften skin. Produces a thick, rich lather and has a fresh floral scent. Tropical floral fragrance. Pearlized teal color. Technical Concepts TC 401311
$53.64 /CASE

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Gojo 2424-DS PURELL TFX Touch Free Floor Stand.jpg
2424-DS GOJO PURELL TFX Touch Free Instant Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Floor Stand

PURELL® TFX™ Touch Free Floor Stand Shown with 2720-12 dispenser (Dispenser and Hand Sanitizer Cartridges sold separately and shown under "Related Products & Accessories" below).

Sturdy, moveable free-standing unit. Put PURELL instant hand sanitizer anywhere it's needed. This freestanding unit is a sturdy, movable stand with a square base for use in high-traffic locations. Ideal for lobbies, cafeterias, halls, reception areas, restaurants and other high-traffic areas. Highly visible signage sends the message that you care about reducing the spread of germs. Built-in shield goes beneath the dispenser to keep surrounding areas clean. Included standard C-size, alkaline batteries last 30,000 uses.

$68.70 /EACH

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1919-02-CAN00 GOJO® Antibacterial Foam Handwash Triclosan Liquid.jpg
1919-02-CAN00 GOJO Antibacterial Foam Handwash Triclosan Liquid, 1200ml, 2/case. Exceptionally mild formula delivers effective germ kill of a broad range of microorganisms. Contains 0.3% triclosan. Meets healthcare personnel handwash protocol. Dye-free, fragrance-free. Rich, luxurious lather with advanced skin moisturizers for mildness. 1200 mL Refill. GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ refill helps lock out germs. Durable, recyclable PET bottle uses 30% less material than standard rigid HDPE. Patent pending GOJO CONTROLLED COLLAPSE technology keeps bottle shape longer while emptying. Crystal clarity for visual appeal and easier monitoring of fill level. Fresh dispensing valve with each refill. Removable pump promotes easier recycling
$72.18 /CASE

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05144 White Swan 2 Ply Toilet Tissue.jpg
05144 White Swan 2 Ply Toilet Tissue, 48/Case. Introducing our Quilted Embossing Pattern to White Swan® Bathroom Tissue – the brand of choice for classic performance and quality. Now each roll of White Swan Bathroom Tissue is softer and thicker with our Quilted Embossing pattern, for that at-home look and feel. We’ve even rolled out additional cost savings so you can enjoy more of that White Swan quality for less. Made with 100% recycled fibre and over 88% post-consumer content. EcoLogo and Forest Stewardship Council® certifications provide the assurance that each roll meets stringent standards of environmental leadership. 429 Sheets per roll. Core Diameter 1.6"
$30.01 /CASE

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710A FROST Wall Mount Tank Type Soap Dispenser.jpg
710A FROST Wall Mount Tank Type Soap Dispenserr, Stainless Steel. Horizontal Tank-Type Soap Dispenser Surface mount unit is intended for any type of wall material or construction. Drawn and welded construction of 20 gauge stainless steel. Easy refill at top. Keyed lock filler cap. Lucite soap level indicator window. All mounting screws concealed. Dispenses liquid soap as well as lotions and antiseptic soaps. 8in.W x 5-3/8in.D x 4-3/4in.H 40 oz./1.2 kg Dispenses liquid soap at 10-20% solution as well as more viscous synthetic detergents, lotions and antiseptic soaps. Not recommended for use with any soap types that have an ammonium based surfactant, ie. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate.
$86.21 /EACH

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Novelis Tuxedo Entree Containers
34155APTDB TUXEDO Small Entrée Aluminum Container and Dome Lid Combo, 23oz, 100/case. Elegant, upscale, smooth wall aluminum containers for HMR prepared meals. Attractive black and gold design. Containers can go from oven to freezer to oven or microwave to table. Container flange style works well with heat sealable film. 100% recyclable. Dome lid. TOP OUT 83⁄16” x 63⁄16” TOP IN 71⁄2” x 51⁄2” BOTTOM 73⁄16” x 53⁄16” SLANT DEPTH 11⁄4” VERTICAL DEPTH 11⁄4”
$84.43 /CASE

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412WN-2050 SOLO Single Poly Paper (SSP) HOT CUP 12-OZ WHITE, 1000/case. Solo® single sided poly hot cups are great for serving hot beverages like coffee, tea or cocoa. The cups are lined with polyethylene which acts as a moisture barrier to keep liquid inside the cup and prevent leaking. Solo® single sided poly hot cups feature a rolled rim to ensure a secure lid fit
$88.40 /CASE

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Paper Souffle Portion Cups
F100 1 oz Paper Portion Cup, Plain, 5000/case. Tightly rolled rims and box pleats keep our Harvest condiment cups regarded as the best in the industry. And now you can also add compostability to the list of benefits. All of our condiment cups have been BPI certified compostable
$57.53 /CASE

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Yhlw08030000 Smartlock MEDIUM 3 COMPARTMENT
Yhlw08030000 Smartlock MEDIUM 3 COMPARTMENT FOAM HINGED CONTAINER 150/case. 8'' x 81/2'' x 3'' SMARTLOCK® HINGED LID CONTAINERS - HLW0803 , Medium 3-Compt. Hinged lid foam containers. A smart choice for confidence that your container is securely closed.
$22.15 /CASE

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Plastic Deli Containers and lid combos
Plastic Deli Container and Lid Combo, 16 oz., 250/case. Containers and lid made from recyclable polypropylene. Resistant to fats and oils. Microwaveable and dishwasher safe. These containers and lids can be used to freeze soups and sauces etc once contents have cooled.
$43.88 /CASE

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900506 SANDWICH BAG FOIL PLAIN, Silver Foil With White Backing, 6x.75x6.75, 1000/case. McNairn Packaging offers an array of all-purpose sandwich bags that are perfect for ready-to-eat food products. Our sandwich bags are designed to protect the quality, value, and integrity of the food product they contain.
$71.56 /CASE

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07535 CLEAN QUICK LIQUID QUATERNARY SANITIZER with Test Strips 3.78L, 3/case. Quaternary concentrate, non-rinse sanitizer sanitizes without leaving chlorine bleach odours. For third-sink sanitizing of dishes, glasses, silverware, and cooking utensils. Also use to sanitize hard (non-porous) surfaces, such as chopping blocks and countertops. Light pink colour confirms product presence in third sink. 200 ppm active quaternary when diluted at 1 fl. oz. of sanitizer to 5-1/2 gallons of water. Test Strips included, concentrate form.
$82.98 /CASE

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3M Particulate Respirator 8210Plus N95
3M 8210 Particulate Respirator Mask, N95, 20/box. This disposable N95 particulate respirator offers braided headbands and staple free attachment points. It is designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles. Designed to provide comfortable, reliable, respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles The 3M N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator 8210 is suggested for workplace applications such as grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and other dusty operations. Its patented filter material, 3M Advanced Electret Media, traps dust and other particles while allowing for easy breathing. The respirator's adjustable nose clip and soft nose foam helps provide a custom fit with secure seal and reduce eyewear fogging. These features, along with the welded strap attachment and lightweight construction promote greater worker acceptance and may help increase wear time.
$17.50 /BOX

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Moldex 6646 Goin
6646 Moldex Goin' Green PlugStation with 250 pairs of Goin' Green earplugs. With 6646 Moldex Goin' Green PlugStation, you can afford to put ear plugs in all the places they're needed. PlugStation's increase compliance, because their high visibility dispenser increases awareness so you won't waste time looking for ear plugs. With the PlugStation, ear plugs drop right into the palm of your hand so you don't have to worry about ear plugs falling on the floor, or trays collecting dust and contaminants, because the chute is positioned right in front of the turn handle. When ear plugs are used up just pitch the used and dirty dispenser in the recycle bin. Replace with a fresh, clean PlugStation. 100% PVC free. Another benefit of PlugStation is that SparkPlugs (NRR 33), Pura-Fit (NRR 33), Goin' Green(NRR 33), Meteors (NRR 33), and Camo Plugs (NRR 33) ear plugs have been independently tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 by Michael & Assoc., Inc., non-manufacturer owned lab. Moldex NRR 33 ear plugs are the highest independently rated ear plugs.
$38.95 /EACH

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FA8TRP First Aid Truck Kit, Plastic Carry Case.jpg
FA8TRP Vehicle Truck First Aid Kit, Plastic Carry Case, 10x9x3". Contents: B First Aid Manual = 1, Pressure bandage 4 sterile = 2, Alcohol sachet = 2, Gauze bandage 2 x 5 yds = 1, Gauze bandage 4 x 5 yds = 1, Conform gauze 3 x 5 yds. = 1, Adhesive tape 1/2 x 2.5 yds =1, Triangular bandage = 2, Instrument kit =1, Plastic adhesive strips 3/4 x 3 sterile = 24, Benzalkonium antiseptic sachet = 2, Ammonia inhalents, sterile = 2, Providine ointment sachet = 2 Finger tip dressing regular Sterile = 1 Knuckle band sterile = 1, Sting relief sachet = 2
$24.64 /EACH

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32-000400-0000 Fendall Flash Flood 3 Minute Portable Eyewash Station.jpg
Fendall Flash Flood Eyewash Station with 1 Gallon Eyesaline Cartridge, English. Fendall Flash Flood utilizes sealed cartridges that contain one gallon of preserved and pH balanced Sperian Saline solution. The Fendall Flash Flood delivery system offers immediate, hands-free eye flushing, and is portable to meet the needs of changing work-place hazards. Removing the pull strap easily activates the system, while dual nozzles provide flushing to both eyes simultaneously. When activated, Fendall Flash Flood delivers saline solution for three minutes. Easy installation with no plumbing required. Can be easily wall mounted for placement near most workplace hazards. One-gallon cartridges are easy to store and offer quick changes without mixing or measuring. Highly visible green color provides easy identification in an emergency situation. Dual nozzles provide simultaneous flushing to both eyes. Unique cartridge design delivers a buffered, saline solution superior to tap water for emergency eye care. Lightweight, highly portable system may be easily wall or table mounted. Easy-to-use nozzle strap is easily removed for hands-free flushing, leaving hands free to hold eyelids open. Easy-to-use design features simple, highly visible operating instructions. Regulations: ANSI Z358.1 - ANSI Z358.1 (Supplemental Equipment) Secondary Device Does not meet ANSI 15-minute flushing requirement, intended to support, not replace, primary eyewash devices. Unit is suitable for nuisance situations such as dust or particle flushing where a 15-minute flushing device is not a requirement. Dimensions with cartridge: 10 1/2" L x 20" H x 14" D
$167.27 /CASE

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908 Frost Heavy Duty Outdoor Ash Bin, Stainless Seel, Small
Frost 908 Heavy Duty Outdoor Ash Bin, Stainless Steel, Small. Heavy duty all stainless ashtray is ideal for pedestrian common areas. 18 gauge stainless steel, 304, # 4 brushed finish (18 and 20 ga. on Code 908). Secured with tumbler keyed lock. Door is hinged with full length stainless steel piano hinge. Corrosion resistant galvanized steel (22 ga.) inner liner with baffle opening. Liner Capacity: 1 litre (.25 gal.) For unrestricted access, height of cigarette inlet to floor must not exceed 48″ (121 cm) from floor.
$82.84 /EACH

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