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401311 One Shot Lotion Hand Soap with Moisturizers Refill 800ml Bottle, 4/case
Rich, luxurious hand soap with special moisturizing ingredients, including Glycerin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to help soothe and soften skin. Produces a thick, rich lather and has a fresh floral scent. Tropical floral fragrance. Pearlized teal color. TC 401311
$52.46 /CASE
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8540-01 GOJO® CXT™ Touch Free Counter Mount Dispensing System - Chrome.jpg
8540-01 GOJO CXT Touch Free Counter Mount Soap Dispensing System, Chrome
This new dispensing system offers exceptional durability and high-end design. The sleek, solid metal fixture is the trouble-free solution for such high-traffic, design-forward handwashing environments as casinos, airports, shopping malls, sports and performance venues - wherever reliability, image and high-capacity refills matter most. GOJO® CXT™ Touch Free Counter Mount Dispensing System - Chrome. Durable, solid metal fixture. Submersible, waterproof spout sensor. Drip-free, mess-free operation. Adaptable swivel motor housing design – rotates 360 degrees. Ultra-high capacity refills 2,300 - 3,800 hand washes. Extended battery life - 45,000 uses. 1500 ML & 2300 ML
$60.42 /EACH
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01901 Health Gards Urinal Screen With Non-Para Block, Cherry
Cleans and deodorizes for up to 1,500 flushes. Non-staining, non-toxic, biodegradable block. Prevents drain clog while deodorizing. No splash design.
$30.87 /CASE
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559020A Tork Elevation Hand Towel Centerfeed Pro Dispenser -White
Tork Elevation dispensers simplify and complement any environment, providing a clean, hygienic appearance. Our new design ensures easy and intuitive maintenance, refilling and use. The Tork Centerfeed Pro Dispensing Systems enable an easy, one-handed operation and controlled consumption with the enhanced pro feature. They are the ideal systems for areas where hand and light surface wiping are combined. Tork Centerfeed Pro high capacity cabinets are ideal for high traffic environments. Cabinets are hygenic. You only touch the towel you use. No cross contamination from levers or cranks. The Portion Control feature dispenses one towel every time. Cabinets are simple and reliable offering low maintenance costs. Dispenser key: 200260 White (9.4"x9.0"x14.4")
$24.93 /EACH
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frost 300nl.jpg
Frost 300-NL – Free Standing Waste Receptacle - White
The Frost free standing series of waste containers can be used in almost any application. The all metal construction is ideally suited to fire protection and rugged use. Features: Rounded soft edge design. All welded construction of 22 gauge cold rolled steel. All units come with standard bag holder apparatus. Finished in hybrid epoxy polyester powder paint and black vinyl trim. Recessed feet elevate the unit to provide a neat appearance with minimal maintenance. Packaged in corrugated cartons. Capacity: 105 litres (28 US, 23 imp. gal.)
$140.53 /EACH
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2971-00 - 26X36 Strong Clear Garbage Bag, Biodegradable, 200/case
Industrial Garbage Bags 2900 Series - Ultra - Clear and colours. The 2900 Bag Series clear and colours product line is made using Super Hexine virgin resin allowing significant. Super Hexene virgin resin allows for significant downgauging, while still maintaining superior characteristics. These bags contain degradable additives designed to disintegrate in the presence of oxygen.downgauging, while still maintaining superior characteristics.
$25.30 /CASE
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Yhlw08030000 Smartlock MEDIUM 3 COMPARTMENT
Yhlw08030000 Smartlock Foam 3-Compartment Foam Container, 150/case
8'' x 81/2'' x 3'' Smartlock Hinged Lid Containers, Medium 3-Compt. Hinged lid foam containers. A smart choice for confidence that your container is securely closed.
$24.39 /CASE
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Primesource 16 oz deli container.jpg
Plastic Deli Container and Lid Combo, 16 oz., 250/case
Containers and recessed lids are made from recyclable polypropylene. Light-weight, round, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, re-usable recyclable. Resistant to fats and oils. Typical Applications: Cultured dairy, Deli, Salads, Hummus, Soft cheeses, Grated cheeses, Soups, Spreads and dips, Sauce Bases Fruit, Nuts, Candy and much more. 250 containers + 250 lids.
$48.94 /CASE
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Novelis Tuxedo Entree Containers
34155APTDB TUXEDO Small Entrée Aluminum Container and Dome Lid Combo, 23oz, 100/case
Elegant, upscale, smooth wall aluminum containers for HMR prepared meals. Attractive black and gold design. Containers can go from oven to freezer to oven or microwave to table. Container flange style works well with heat sealable film. 100% recyclable. Dome lid. TOP OUT 83⁄16” x 63⁄16” TOP IN 71⁄2” x 51⁄2” BOTTOM 73⁄16” x 53⁄16” SLANT DEPTH 11⁄4” VERTICAL DEPTH 11⁄4”
$92.90 /CASE
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018190 Red Checkered Basket Liner 12" x 12", 2000/case
Grease resistant checkered basket liners are great for appetizer baskets for serving French Fries, Onion Rings, Chicken Fingers Mozzarella Sticks and much more with an attention-grabbing burst of color. Perfect for pizza slices, cookies, bagels, donuts, and muffins, or for use as a sandwich wrap for sandwiches and burgers. Basket liners are made from microwavable, grease resistant checkered paper
$69.85 /CASE
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105410 5.25"X5.25" Plain Patty Paper, 1,000/package
McNairn Packaging offers a premium patty paper for protecting fresh hamburger meat. Because this paper has grease and moisture resistant properties, patty paper can also be used as an interleaver for cheese and deli meat which makes it perfect for use in supermarkets, delis, and grocery stores.
$5.61 /PACKAGE
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Bio-Pak #1.png
01BPWHITEM 26oz. Bio-Pak #1, White, 450/case
BIO-PAK containers offer the highest quality and image in foodservice today. They are cut resistant, leak resistant, grease resistant, microwaveable, stackable, and are easy to use. BIO-PAK will easily hold hot, cold, wet, or dry foods. Most importantly, BIO-PAK will keep food fresh for your customers. This Bio-Pak take out container is made from entirely sustainable resources. The one-piece design requires no assembly and allows it to hold food, gravy and sauce. It is also a great way to package appetizers, cookies, candy, or gifts. The Bio-Pak top opens wide to allow customers free access to their food. Height = 2 1/2" Bottom = 4 3/8 X 3 1/2" Top = 5 X 4 1/2"
$121.95 /CASE
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3M™ Peltor™ Optime™ 105 Over-the-Head Earmuff Hearing Conservation H10A.jpg
3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Peltor Ear Muff
NRR 30. Peltor H10A - Optime 105 - Over-the-Head Earmuff. Recommended for noise levels up to 105 dB. Features "double-shell" ear cup design (two cups connected via a foam inner layer to reduce structural resonances). Designed with wide, softly padded headband and stainless steel headband wires. Liquid and foam filled cushions for a better seal and low surface pressure Weight: 9.3 oz.
$30.78 /EACH
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6620 Goin
6620 Goin' Green Uncorded Earplugs, 200/box
NRR 33. Goin' Green® ear plugs are made of extra-soft, extra light foam. Their tapered shape fits easily in the ear canal, and seals gently and snugly without pressure. They’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing ear plugs. Goin' Green® ear plugs offer a high NRR 33, making them suitable for most noisy environments. So, while they look like fun, they provide serious protection. Bright colored streaks and swirls makes for winning compliance to your hearing protection program. When it comes to comfort and compliance, nobody beats Moldex® to the finish line. 100% PVC-Free®. Highest independently tested NRR 33. Extra-soft, low-pressure foam for comfort and fit. Tapered shape for easy insertion and removal. Shaped to fit even very small ear canals. Non-irritating smooth surface. Look for the exclusive colored streaks and swirls as a symbol of Moldex quality.
$31.18 /BOX
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ProWorks® Black Nitrile Powder Free Gloves.jpg
GL-N105FL ProWorks Black Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves, Large, 100/box
Resistant to many chemicals & blood-borne pathogens. 5 mil. Reduces hand fatigue. Examination grade. Latex-Free. Single Use. Excellent when working with grease and oils
$12.31 /BOX
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07535 CLEAN QUICK LIQUID QUATERNARY SANITIZER with Test Strips 3.78L, 3/case
Quaternary concentrate, non-rinse sanitizer sanitizes without leaving chlorine bleach odours. For third-sink sanitizing of dishes, glasses, silverware, and cooking utensils. Also use to sanitize hard (non-porous) surfaces, such as chopping blocks and countertops. Light pink colour confirms product presence in third sink. 200 ppm active quaternary when diluted at 1 fl. oz. of sanitizer to 5-1/2 gallons of water. Test Strips included, concentrate form.
$87.12 /CASE
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FA8TRP First Aid Truck Kit, Plastic Carry Case.jpg
FA8TRP Vehicle Truck First Aid Kit, Plastic Carry Case, 10x9x3"
Contents: B First Aid Manual = 1, Pressure bandage 4 sterile = 2, Alcohol sachet = 2, Gauze bandage 2 x 5 yds = 1, Gauze bandage 4 x 5 yds = 1, Conform gauze 3 x 5 yds. = 1, Adhesive tape 1/2 x 2.5 yds =1, Triangular bandage = 2, Instrument kit =1, Plastic adhesive strips 3/4 x 3 sterile = 24, Benzalkonium antiseptic sachet = 2, Ammonia inhalents, sterile = 2, Providine ointment sachet = 2 Finger tip dressing regular Sterile = 1 Knuckle band sterile = 1, Sting relief sachet = 2
$25.56 /EACH
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4520-88 Heavy Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart with Lipped Shelf (Medium).jpg
4520-88 Heavy Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart with Lipped Shelf (Medium)
Perfect for transporting materials, supplies, and heavy loads in almost any environment. Ergonomically designed push handle provides optimum hand placement and push height improving control and worker safety. Molded-in storage compartments, holsters, hooks, and notches. Molded-in customizable fittings, High density structural resin construction, Easy-access bottom shelf, Best-in-class casters to meet the most demanding environments. 500 lb., 257/8''W x 331/4''H x 451/4''L, Black
$278.05 /EACH
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