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401311 One Shot Lotion Hand Soap with Moisturizers Refill 800ml Bottle, 4/case
Rich, luxurious hand soap with special moisturizing ingredients, including Glycerin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to help soothe and soften skin. Produces a thick, rich lather and has a fresh floral scent. Tropical floral fragrance. Pearlized teal color. TC 401311
$52.46 /CASE
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01901 Health Gards Urinal Screen With Non-Para Block, Cherry
Cleans and deodorizes for up to 1,500 flushes. Non-staining, non-toxic, biodegradable block. Prevents drain clog while deodorizing. No splash design.
$30.87 /CASE
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Gojo 2424-DS PURELL TFX Touch Free Floor Stand.jpg
2424-DS GOJO PURELL TFX Touch Free Instant Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Floor Stand

PURELL® TFX™ Touch Free Floor Stand Shown with 2720-12 dispenser (Dispenser and Hand Sanitizer Cartridges sold separately and shown under "Related Products & Accessories" below).

Sturdy, moveable free-standing unit. Put PURELL instant hand sanitizer anywhere it's needed. This freestanding unit is a sturdy, movable stand with a square base for use in high-traffic locations. Ideal for lobbies, cafeterias, halls, reception areas, restaurants and other high-traffic areas. Highly visible signage sends the message that you care about reducing the spread of germs. Built-in shield goes beneath the dispenser to keep surrounding areas clean. Included standard C-size, alkaline batteries last 30,000 uses.
$68.54 /EACH
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12021502 Tork Advanced Bath Tissue Jumbo Roll, 2-Ply, 10" Dia., 6/case
Tork Advanced 2 ply jumbo bath tissue's high capacity provides fewer refills and reduces labor. Large size is pilfer proof, hard to conceal. Can't use at home. Reduced stub roll means less waste. Fewer cores and no wrappers leads to source reduction. Less storage space is needed. Made from 100% recycled fiber provides environmental benefits, and a positive image builder. Ecologo certified. 10" dia., 2.3" inside core dia., (3.6"x 1600')
$51.16 /CASE
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169 Jumbo Dispenser Stainless Steel.jpg
Frost 169 – Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Two Rolls, Stainless Steel
Ideal for high traffic areas requiring the durability of an all metal exterior. Twin Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser, stainless steel, 304 no. 4 finish. Dispensing: Holds two 9” (230mm) jumbo toilet tissue rolls. Moulded spindles can accommodate 2-1/4” or 3” (57 or 76mm) diameter cores. Spring loaded access tray will lock into position only when first roll on left side is depleted. When door is opened, access tray will return to original position. The custodian can then place the stub roll on the left side (default open position) and a full 9” roll in the blocked right side of the unit. Materials: Door is drawn 18 ga. ss type 304 with brushed finish. Single viewing slot reveals tissue. Equipped with tumbler lock. Installation: Recommended mounting height for double roll dispenser: Insure the top of unit does no exceed 31” (785) from height of floor.
$245.73 /EACH
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Bobrick B40
Bobrick B40 Classic Series Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser, Black & Gray, 40-OZ
This Soap Dispenser has two tone styling in black and grey. Its push in valve directs operating pressure towards the wall. It is corrosion resistant and has a self cleaning valve that dispenses a wide range of liquid soaps, lotions and synthetic detergents. It includes a vandal resistant lid has a unique keyless locking device and its lid pivots up after lock is disengaged for easy top filling. It has a 1.2L (40 oz) capacity large translucent container, Dimensions are 5-13/16 inches by 6-7/8 inches by 3-3/8 inches
$32.02 /EACH
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21562 100 Savaday Food Trays
21562 100 Savaday Food Trays, 7” x 5”, 1000/case
Savaday provides a casual, yet classic tableware alternative for snack time and dining with lighter fare. This tableware line is attractive with a cream plate colour and pinstripe rim design that can be at home with most any relaxed serving situation. Savaday is perfect for finger foods, pizza, salad or other lightweight meals. CKF pulp products have recently been recognized and approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute. BPI certified pulp products are defined as products that possess the ability to break down completely using home or commercial composting methods. CKF products have been rigorously tested to ensure all pulp products can be recycled quickly and efficiently. This feature contributes to a reduction in land fill use.
$83.37 /CASE
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Primesource 16 oz deli container.jpg
Plastic Deli Container and Lid Combo, 16 oz., 250/case
Containers and recessed lids are made from recyclable polypropylene. Light-weight, round, microwave and dishwasher safe, re-usable recyclable. Resistant to fats and oils. Typical Applications: Cultured dairy, Deli, Salads, Hummus, Soft cheeses, Grated cheeses, Soups, Spreads and dips, Sauce Bases Fruit, Nuts, Candy and much more. 250 containers + 250 lids.
$48.94 /CASE
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320201 GREASEPROOF SANDWICH BAG, WHITE, 6x.75x6.75", 1000/case
Grease resistant sandwich bags provide performance and provide economy.
$21.63 /CASE
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105410 5.25"X5.25" Plain Patty Paper, 1,000/package
McNairn Packaging offers a premium patty paper for protecting fresh hamburger meat. Because this paper has grease and moisture resistant properties, patty paper can also be used as an interleaver for cheese and deli meat which makes it perfect for use in supermarkets, delis, and grocery stores.
$5.61 /PACKAGE
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Cc9Of Dixie 9 Oz Clear Flexible Old Fashion Plastic Cup, 500/case
Clear Design - Shows off the delicious look and colours of your beverages and or desserts. 9 ounce Old Fashion design. No sharp edge, easy on the lips. Flexible - Does not shatter or crack easily. Use with Lid DF9OF
$75.68 /CASE
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VERSAtainer Rectangular Microwavable Container with Lid Combo
NC868B 28oz. VERSAtainer Microwavable Container & Lid Combo, 150/case
This Newspring Versa container is made of injection-molded polypropylene, engineered for heat and cold resistance. It is thick walled, keeping cold items cold and hot items hot. The containers are microwavable, making them ideal as take out containers. Seals in flavor and helps you organize take out more efficiently. The containers can withstand temperatures between 0 degrees and 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
$85.55 /CASE
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41041 WYPALL X80 SHOPPRO TOWELS, Blue, (12.5"x16.8"), 160 wipers/box
SHOPPRO towels use patented HYDROKNIT fast absorbing strong material. Absorbs oil and water. Ideal for: heavy duty machine & part wiping, wiping metal shavings, prepping surfaces with solvents, cleaning rough surfaces and wiping metal shavings. Blue, (12.5"x16.8"), 160 wipers/box.
$39.54 /CASE
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LL-1 Laser Lite Uncorded Earplugs.jpg
LL-1 Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplug - Uncorded, 200/box
NRR 32. The bright idea in hearing protection, Laser Lite's low-pressure polyurethane foam expands gently inside the ear canal for comfortable long-term wear, while its contoured T-shape delivers easy handling. Its high-visibility magenta and yellow colors make compliance checks quick and easy. Plus, Laser Lite is available with special packaging and dispenser options, ideal for process industries with low tolerances for packaging waste.
$25.74 /BOX
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PB120S BU DuPont ProShield Basic Coverall, Collar, Open Wrists and Ankles, Large, Blue, 25/case
DuPont™ ProShield® Basic Coverall. Comfort Fit Design. Collar. Open Wrists and Ankles. Elastic Waist. Serged Seams. Blue. DuPont™ ProShield® Basic, spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS) garments, are made to the high quality standards you have come to expect from DuPont. ProShield® Basic garments have been optimized for comfort, softness and breathability while enabling you to cut costs for disposable garments. DuPont™ ProShield® Basic disposable garments are designed for workers in a range of industries for nonhazardous dry particle applications. Garments are available in a variety of coverall styles in a choice of both, white and blue. Applications include: general maintenance, janitorial/cleaning and other dirty work. Comfort fit design based on extensive wearer input to provide our most comfortable garment design that: enables a greater range of movement while stretching and bending, provides a more tailored fit, offers reinforcement in high stress areas for fewer blowouts, utilizes a longer zipper for easier donning and doffing and an elastic waist to better position the garment. Laydown collar. Open wrists and Open ankles
$67.86 /CASE
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FA8TRP First Aid Truck Kit, Plastic Carry Case.jpg
FA8TRP Vehicle Truck First Aid Kit, Plastic Carry Case, 10x9x3"
Contents: B First Aid Manual = 1, Pressure bandage 4 sterile = 2, Alcohol sachet = 2, Gauze bandage 2 x 5 yds = 1, Gauze bandage 4 x 5 yds = 1, Conform gauze 3 x 5 yds. = 1, Adhesive tape 1/2 x 2.5 yds =1, Triangular bandage = 2, Instrument kit =1, Plastic adhesive strips 3/4 x 3 sterile = 24, Benzalkonium antiseptic sachet = 2, Ammonia inhalents, sterile = 2, Providine ointment sachet = 2 Finger tip dressing regular Sterile = 1 Knuckle band sterile = 1, Sting relief sachet = 2
$25.56 /EACH
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Frost 310S Lobby Waste Receptacle, Stainless Steel, Large
This free standing waste receptacle is ideal for high traffic areas requiring the quality and durability of an all stainless unit without the commitment of wall mounting. The 310 offers clean geometric design lines with radiused corners, ideal for lobbies and reception areas. Large capacity all stainless steel. All stainless steel construction, number 4 brushed finish. Spun 18 ga. type 304 stainless steel top. One piece roll formed 22 gauge stainless steel body. 22 ga. stainless steel spun bottom. Comes with standard bag holder apparatus. 27.5 Imp. gal
$410.67 /EACH
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4520-88 Heavy Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart with Lipped Shelf (Medium).jpg
4520-88 Heavy Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart with Lipped Shelf (Medium)
Perfect for transporting materials, supplies, and heavy loads in almost any environment. Ergonomically designed push handle provides optimum hand placement and push height improving control and worker safety. Molded-in storage compartments, holsters, hooks, and notches. Molded-in customizable fittings, High density structural resin construction, Easy-access bottom shelf, Best-in-class casters to meet the most demanding environments. 500 lb., 257/8''W x 331/4''H x 451/4''L, Black
$278.05 /EACH
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