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5509261 Surface Sanitizer Smartdose, 1.4L, 2/case. A quaternary ammonium chloride based no-rinse sanitizer for three-compartment sinks and food contact surfaces. Safe for soft and precious metals (silver and gold). Red in color with a characteristic scent. Ratio: 1:225
$56.26 /CASE

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401311 One Shot Lotion Hand Soap with Moisturizers Refill 800ml Bottle, 4/case. Rich, luxurious hand soap with special moisturizing ingredients, including Glycerin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to help soothe and soften skin. Produces a thick, rich lather and has a fresh floral scent. Tropical floral fragrance. Pearlized teal color. TC 401311
$52.46 /CASE

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2971-00 - 26X36 Strong Clear Garbage Bag, Biodegradable, 200/case. Industrial Garbage Bags 2900 Series - Ultra - Clear and colours. The 2900 Bag Series clear and colours product line is made using Super Hexine virgin resin allowing significant. Super Hexene virgin resin allows for significant downgauging, while still maintaining superior characteristics. These bags contain degradable additives designed to disintegrate in the presence of oxygen.downgauging, while still maintaining superior characteristics.
$25.30 /CASE

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56TR Tork Bath Tissue Jumbo Roll Twin Dispenser, 9 inch, Smoke/Grey. Holds two rolls. See-through front reduces maintenance, allows quick and easy service checks. Elegant appearance compliments any decor. High impact flame retardant, chemical-resistant, rigid vinyl plastic provides years of low maintenance, trouble free service. Large capacity dispenser goes longer between refills. Replaces 56T1.
$31.71 /EACH

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50228 TRADITION PLUS FOAMING HANDSOAP, 4L, 4/case. With its luxurious lather, this ecological liquid hand soap removes dirt and rinses clean, leaving skin feeling clean and soft. ECOLOGO Certified UL 2784 - Hand Cleaner. Thick lather and emollient containing formula effectively cleans and leaves hands feeling supple and soft. Use in Dustbane foaming dispensers in commercial and institutional washrooms, restaurants, hospitality, offices and schools. Pour in concentrated form into bulk open-top foaming dispensers. Dispensers should periodically be emptied and rinsed with water. A 4 L bottle is good for 12,000 hand washes. Clear colourless liquid. Unscented.
$74.49 /CASE

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402111 T-Cell Polar Mist Refill, 6/case. TCell Refill - Polar Mist TC 402111 Polar Mist - 6 Refills Per Pack The TCell™ refills contain Microtrans®, a true odor neutralizer. TC® refills contain only the highest quality essential oils to reinforce the cleanliness of the washroom and image of the facility. They are available in a wide range of customer preferred fragrances from mild to intense for a clean, fresh scent that lasts. *Dispenser sold separately
$69.31 /CASE

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Novelis Tuxedo Entree Containers
34270APTDA TUXEDO Medium Entrée Aluminum Container and Dome Lid Combo, 47.4 oz, 50/case. Elegant, upscale, smooth wall aluminum containers for HMR prepared meals. Attractive black and gold design. Containers can go from oven to freezer to oven or microwave to table. Container flange style works well with heat sealable film. 100% recyclable. Dome lid TOP OUT 93⁄4” x 73⁄4” TOP IN 9” x 7” BOTTOM 89⁄16” x 61⁄2” SLANT DEPTH 13⁄4” VERTICAL DEPTH 13⁄4”
$75.44 /CASE

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512430D 7” Round Foil Take Out, Cake, Bakery Pan, 500/case. DESCRIPTION 7” Round Take Out Pan RIM STYLE H.E. TOP OUT 7 1⁄8 TOP IN 6 3⁄4 BOTTOM 5 1⁄2 SLANT DEPTH 1 1⁄2 VERTICAL DEPTH 1 15⁄32 VOLUME 26.9
$59.14 /CASE

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105410 5.25"X5.25" Plain Patty Paper, 1,000/package. McNairn Packaging offers a premium patty paper for protecting fresh hamburger meat. Because this paper has grease and moisture resistant properties, patty paper can also be used as an interleaver for cheese and deli meat which makes it perfect for use in supermarkets, delis, and grocery stores.
$5.61 /PACKAGE

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1W5 Dixie 5oz Clear Plastic Wine Glass, One Piece
1W5 Dixie 5oz Clear Plastic Wine Glass, One Piece, 500/case. Stemmed wine glass. Glass-like appearance. Crystal clear. Upscale and classy. Simple, elegant design. Project a classy, upscale image for your beverages. Rigid construction. Sturdy. 50 Sleeves with 10 Cups per sleeve.
$114.09 /CASE

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Bio-Pak #1.png
01BPWHITEM 26oz. Bio-Pak #1, White, 450/case. BIO-PAK containers offer the highest quality and image in foodservice today. They are cut resistant, leak resistant, grease resistant, microwaveable, stackable, and are easy to use. BIO-PAK will easily hold hot, cold, wet, or dry foods. Most importantly, BIO-PAK will keep food fresh for your customers. This Bio-Pak take out container is made from entirely sustainable resources. The one-piece design requires no assembly and allows it to hold food, gravy and sauce. It is also a great way to package appetizers, cookies, candy, or gifts. The Bio-Pak top opens wide to allow customers free access to their food. Height = 2 1/2" Bottom = 4 3/8 X 3 1/2" Top = 5 X 4 1/2"
$121.95 /CASE

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SD5016Y Translucent Round Deli Container, 16oz., 480/case. Pactiv Newspring microwavable DELItainer. This translucent round deli container is ideal for delis or restaurants that serve soups, stews, and deli products like chicken salad, macaroni salad, nuts, and many other similar food items. It is made of translucent polypropylene that is microwavable and can withstand temperatures from 0 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Top Diameter: 4.55", Height: 3.1", Capacity: 16oz. Lids sold separately see Related Products & Accessories.
$92.84 /CASE

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Landscapers Choice Deicer.jpg
Landscapers Choice Ice Melter with CMA, 20KG Bag, 56/pallet. Effective to -26° C. Even granulation for accurate spreading. Blue in colour for visual application. Professional ice melter designed by Landscapers, for Landscapers. Pre-application capability prior to snow fall. Contains anti-corrosion formula (CMA- calcium magnesium acetate) added to guard against concrete corrosion damage. Reduced damage to wood and concrete. Does not irritate skin. Less harmful to grass, trees, or other vegetation.  Less harmful to carpets and floors. Less damage to leather or footwear. When used properly, Landscaper's Choice will remain where applied and will not cause any unsightly tracking or residue problems.

Note: This product ships separately, is excluded from Buy 3 Free Shipping Specials and Minimum Order Free Shipping Zone Specials. Out of Province Shipments will be subject to additional freight charges please call for estimate.

Flat Rate Shipping Within Free Shipping Zones $110.00. For all other areas please call for shipping estimate.

Due to varying demand during the season this product is subject to Manufacturer availability, as well as, bag size and pallet configuration. Any orders that have not been confirmed shipped and pending stock from the manufacturer may be subject to change based on availability.

$754.21 /PALLET

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Mat Tech Proluxe Wiper Mat Charcoal
6M4654 Proluxe Wiper - 4x6 ft Charcoal. Economical olefin wiper mat. Proluxe plays a major role
in the retention of water and fine dust so less contaminants enter the building. Affordable solution for small commercial locations. Holds up to 1 gallon of water per square yard. Small profile fits under most doors. Colours that resist fading, staining, mold and mildew. 5/16''. Resists fading. Provides moisture barrier to help protect floors.

$80.51 /EACH

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6112-77 Rubbermaid Floor Sign with "Caution Wet Floor" Imprint, 2-Sided. Lightweight and versatile; makes a heavy statement about safety. Two-sided, 25" (63.5 cm) model for use in narrow areas. Folding design for convenient storage or transport on Janitor Cart.
$17.11 /EACH

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EAG1220RED Red Gift Tissue Paper, 12x20", 4800/case. Red Gift Tissue Paper - 12 in. x 20 in. Manufactured from 100% recycled material and contains 30% post-consumer material
$128.92 /CASE

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TV53E1/O/L TRAFFIC VEST BRIGHT ORANGE - CSA CLASS 2-LEVEL 2 -TABLE 2B, Large. Traffic Vest - CSA standard / Class 2 - Level 2 - Meets Table 2B - Bright orange polyester mesh with 2" yellow North-Brite™ reflective material - one 360 degree horizontal stripe around torso, 2 vertical stripes on front and X on back - Size: Large.
$42.05 /EACH

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4520-88 Heavy Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart with Lipped Shelf (Medium).jpg
4520-88 Heavy Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart with Lipped Shelf (Medium). Perfect for transporting materials, supplies, and heavy loads in almost any environment. Ergonomically designed push handle provides optimum hand placement and push height improving control and worker safety. Molded-in storage compartments, holsters, hooks, and notches. Molded-in customizable fittings, High density structural resin construction, Easy-access bottom shelf, Best-in-class casters to meet the most demanding environments. 500 lb., 257/8''W x 331/4''H x 451/4''L, Black
$278.05 /EACH

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